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It’s often said that what defines you are the things you do when nobody is looking. The sacrifices. The personal victories. The hard decisions that no one knows about. These are the measure of character. The tell-tale signs of what you value and hold dear.

You’ll never see Liquid Titanium bonding to your engine parts. The thousands of hours of development. The millions of miles of on-road testing. The science is hidden inside a red bottle. At Kendall, we provide that extra layer of protection you rely on. Even if you never see it.

We don’t just take care of engines—we take care of the people who choose Kendall Motor Oil. The people who don’t cut corners; who take care of the details; and who know that with engines, like life, you get out what you put in.

Stories of extra effort.


You put the best of yourself into what you are passionate about, even when no one is looking, just like Kendall Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium.


Restoring a car is a labor of love that requires attention to the details. Trust Kendall GT-1 Endurance Motor Oil to help protect the engine from rust and corrosion

Choose from Kendall GT-1® full line of premium motor oils for your car, truck or SUV.

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