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When you unleash the power of Kendall® Super-D® XA with Liquid Titanium® protective additive into your fleet’s engines you begin to harness the benefits of maximum performance. It chemically bonds to the precious metal under your hood, adding an extra layer of protection around critical engine parts to dramatically reduce friction. And the latest CK-4 formulations have been proven through millions of miles of testing to improve fuel economy. Test drive the protective power of Kendall® Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium, for free, when you take the Two-Change Challenge.

Two Change Challenge

Other engine oils may not be broken, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beaten. Let Kendall Motor Oil contend against your current engine oil in this cost- and risk-free challenge. We’ll deliver enough full synthetic or synthetic blend heavy duty engine oil to your garage for two free oil changes—set at your standard drain interval. We bet your fleet’s up for the challenge. Are you? Find a distributor at the link below.

Find A Distributor

Heritage Freight explains why they made the switch to Kendall Kendall® Super-D® XA.

We traveled to Sylacauga, Alabama to meet with Jeff McGrady, the owner and founder of Heritage Freight Warehousing and Logistics. While we were there, he showed us around his facility and told us what compelled him to make the switch to Kendall heavy duty engine oil.

To start the Two-Change Challenge outside of Ohio, find a distributor here.