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Win the heavy-duty battle against the elements.

No matter what conditions you face, you’re in the driver’s seat when you use Kendall heavy-duty engine oils. Our Liquid Titanium ® additive bonds to your engine and resists thermal breakdown in even the most extreme conditions. Bring on the dirt and dust. Drive from Detroit to Duluth in the dead of winter. Take a trip through Death Valley at high noon in the summer. No matter the road or the weather, nothing protects your engine from sludge or rust better than our formulations. After all, you get out what you put in. And when you use Kendall, you’re putting in the best.

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SHP® Euro
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With Kendall’s heavy-duty engine oils, you get longer time between drains, less downtime and decreased fuel costs. And that means they protect more than just your engine. They protect your bottom line.

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How much can you save when you switch to Kendall heavy-duty engine oils? See for yourself.

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You get to the jobsite at dawn and work until the whistle blows. In between, you and your machinery fight the dirt, concrete, temperature and elements. And there’s no better way to fight back than by using Kendall heavy-duty engine oils and greases.

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Seed. Fertilize. Harvest. Maybe even herd a few hundred head of livestock. It all takes a lot of work—and a lot of machinery. When it comes to those machines, you need the best engine protection possible. That’s why we have products for practically any piece of equipment.

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The Extra Mile: Heritage Freight

We traveled to Sylacauga, Alabama to meet with Jeff McGrady, the owner and founder of Heritage Freight Warehousing and Logistics. While we were there, he showed us around his facility and told us what compelled him to make the switch to Kendall.

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