In The Name Of The Good Stuff

The reason behind the brand.

There are times to shake things up. To demand better. To say no to the status quo. When it comes to your motor oil, that time is now. And it all starts with a single word: How.

How do you engineer a better engine oil? How do you fight the grind and combat the combustion? How do you increase mileage and decrease worries?

How? With perseverance, commitment and an engineered molecule of titanium that forms a bond to your engine that rivals the bond you formed when you first took to the open road. At Kendall®, we’re on a quest to demand better. To create a product and a reputation that goes unequaled in the industry. To put our money where our motor oil is. And we’re getting there, one product at a time.

Kendall Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium®— It’s What We’re Made Of.

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