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Kendall® Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium® protection additive forms a shield for engines by bonding to the hottest parts to reduce friction. In every standard industry test, engines using Kendall® with Liquid Titanium® proved to hold more longevity than those without. When you put Kendall into your engine, you’re fighting grind and wear on a molecular level with an extra layer of titanium strength. Explore the specific benefits in the videos below.


Kendall Liquid Titanium forms an extra layer of protection around critical engine parts to dramatically reduce friction.


Kendall Liquid Titanium chemically bonds to the metal to provide an extra layer of titanium strength protection.


Kendall Liquid Titanium creates a protective molecular-level-film to act as a shield for engines.

Gas Savings

Kendall Liquid Titanium chemically bonds to the piston to maintain a better lubricant film, reducing friction and improving fuel economy.