135 Years Of Delivering The Good Stuff.

The 2,000 mile oil has an extensive background history, but to save you time, we decided to only include the most impressive Kendall® feats. Take a look. Kendall is rich in many things, especially its past.

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Kendall Motor Oil Milestones.

This is a list of all the historical firsts that have made Kendall Motor Oil famous during the last hundred years.


Kendall becomes the first Pennsylvania refiner to offer highly refined motor oils good for 2,000 miles. Kendall simultaneously adopts the two finger logo to represent this achievement.


Kendall becomes first to introduce the quart can nationally for motor oils.


Kendall pioneers anti-foam additive chemistry to solve problems in the air-cooled aircraft engines that had been adapted for use in tanks.


Kendall becomes the first to introduce SAE10W-30 motor oil to the market.


Kendall introduces motorcycle racing oil.


Kendall begins using recycled plastic in its one-quart containers.


Kendall Super-D® 3 with Liquid Titanium® heavy duty diesel engine oil is introduced offering an industry exclusive additive system providing revolutionary wear protection.


Liquid Titanium® is proven in lab and fleet tests to also improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

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